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IEEE LAN/MAN 802® Standards Subscription

      The IEEE Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LAN/MAN) Subscription contains the growing collection of IEEE 802® standards, including in-demand draft standards under development and archived standards. Used worldwide, IEEE 802 standards cover personal, local and metropolitan area network (PAN, LAN and MAN) interfaces for evolving wired and wireless networking technologies. These standards form the foundation for nearly all data communication systems and help ensure that packets are delivered reliably from a source to a destination.  IEEE 802 standards apply to coaxial, copper and fiber optic cables, as well as to air interfaces for radio frequency transmission in personal area networks (PANs) having scales of 10 m, local area networks (LANs) having scales of 100 m, and municipal area networks (MANs) having scales of 1,000 m. 


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