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IP version (IPv4)

The 32 bit is represented in following manner.

Byte 1.Byte 2.Byte 3.byte4
(Note: one byte is 8 bit)

The minimum value of a byte is 00000000=0
The maximum value of a byte is 11111111=255

Therefore, the minimum and maximum IP addresses are and
(This is called the dotted decimal representation)

IP Address = Network ID + Host ID

IP means Identification

Part of the IP Address is allocated to Network ID and the remaining part is allocated to Host ID (Computer ID)

If there are less networks, less number of bits can be allocated to network ID

Therefore, IANA divided the IP Address into 3 main classes, called Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Class Net ID Host ID
A 1 Byte 3 Byte
B 2 Byte 2 Byte
C 3 Byte 1 Byte


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IP version (IPv4)

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