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Hide IP address

        If you want serf internet anonymously, you will have to hide IP addresses. It has many possible ways of hide IP address. As an example you can use proxy servers. People will use different proxy servers for different purposes. Proxy server is a computer which will provides clients to connect to the other networks in indirect way. Clients can make requests on different servers through proxy servers and server responses will redirected to clients.  Proxy server will show its own identity instead of giving clients details (such as IP details).There is different kind of proxy servers available.

1) Proxy server web sites. (Easy to use)
         Proxy web sites basically allow users to serf internet through its own. Users can enter URLs on the proxy web and it will request entered URL on the server. And requested web site will shows as its (proxy web) content. So that you can hide IP address and do anonymous serf. Proxy servers offer features like enabling and disabling java scripts, remove cookies and hide references.
Available web prosy servers:  http://www.vtunnel.com, http://www.hidemyass.com

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