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How Change my IP Address?
Easy 3 steps.

Open command prompt
Type " ipconfig /release"
Type " ipconfig /renew"

More infomation to change your IP address.

When working with Internet it will arise some problems such as “How do I change my IP address?”  or “Can I change IP address?”.In the following will describe you briefly, and try it your own.
There is a simple way of change your IP address. Try to access to your modem or router through its own admin panel and restart it(mostly this feature will supported by admin panel).Then check whether IP has changed or not.  In many cases this will change your IP address.
If it’s not working properly, switch off (turn off) your router or modem for 5 to 10 minutes and check IP address again. However it doesn’t change your IP address, please do the same for 8 hours. Hopefully this will satisfy your IP change.

To change IP address, Internet service provider should assign you a dynamic IP address. ISP’s DHCP server will decide your IP address according to its configuration. If you’re not able change IP address, it may be a result of DHCP configuration.

IF you are using Windows platform, you will have two options to do.
First option.
Open the command prompt.
Type following commands.
1)  “ipconfig /release” (without the quotes).
2) “ipconfig /renew” (without the quotes).

Second option.
Open the command prompt.
Type the following commands.
1)  “ipconfig /release” (without the quotes).
2) Then turn off your computer, hubs/switches, modems, routers.
3) After 12 hours, turn on everything and log into admin panel and release the IP address.
4) Turn off everything and leave another 12 hours.
5) Switch everything back-on.

In some cusses, DHCP server will assign an IP based on MAC address. If previous options have not worked, you may have to do few things.
Same routers allow to clone MAC address and you have a router, check that the option is available.
Using this clone MAC address option (Please notice that, it will allow you once in most cases), you should change your IP. If these all cases does not working, contact your internet service provider and ask him to change it.

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